Buy 3 Tomahawk Ribeyes, get a free Black Garlic Salt

$189.95 $238
- (3) Three USDA Choice 32 oz Tomahawk Ribeyes - (1) One FREE 4.1 oz Jar of Black Garlic & Black Pepper Infused Salt

Elevate your dining experience with our 44 Farms USDA Choice Tomahawk Ribeye. This impressive cut features a French-trimmed long bone that not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a stunning presentation on your table. Sourced from the rib primal, our tomahawk ribeye is richly marbled, promising a flavor-packed and tender eating experience.

For a limited time, receive a complimentary jar of our premium Black Garlic Salt & Pepper Blend with the purchase of three tomahawk ribeyes. Add a unique flavor twist to your meal and make your tomahawk ribeyes truly unforgettable.

The Rib

Located under the backbone, the seven rib section yields the ribeye loin and the bone-in short rib.

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