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The 44 Farms Beef Jerky Collection presents all-natural beef jerky that packs intense flavor made from high-quality Angus cattle. Made in Texas, this beef jerky is a great source of protein and is made using natural ingredients with no preservatives. Satisfy your hunger with one or both of the two flavors of this tasty snack: Simple Smoked and Texas Kick.

For a classic smoky flavor you are sure to love, order a set of four or more packages of 44 Farms Simply Smoked Beef Jerky. Each package has 3 oz. of delicious jerky, naturally sourced and made without preservatives or antibiotics for a healthy, lean snack. Perfect for traveling or your outdoor adventures, this jerky has a rich smoky taste that you can enjoy on-the-go.

Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients, the award-winning 44 Farms Texas Kick Beef Jerky offers an undeniable, fiery heat with a classic beef jerky taste. If you are looking for something spicier than smoked beef jerky, Texas Kick is the right flavor for you. This jerky is available in sets of four or more, 3 oz. packages.

Can’t decide? 44 Farms offers a combo pack of beef jerky to satisfy your craving for the smoky and the spicy. Enjoy two, 3 oz. packages of Simply Smoked and two of Texas Kick for one great price with the 44 Farms Beef Jerky Combo Pack.

Perfect for hikers and other adventurers, the 44 Farms Yeti/Jerky Pack features delicious jerky and a 20 oz. Yeti Rambler to keep your drinks cold or warm on-the-go. In addition to the rambler, this bundle comes with a  package of Simply Smoked and a package of Texas Kick beef jerky in a beautiful 44 Farms wooden box. Savor both of 44 Farms incredible beef jerky flavors with this combination pack that qualifies for free shipping.

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