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The 44 Farms Franks & Ground Beef Collection offers delicious ground beef and all beef franks made from high-quality cuts of Texas grown, Angus cattle. USDA CHOICE or higher, these all-natural, Angus beef options are perfect for tailgating or for grilling in the backyard. 44 Farms prides itself on their high performing cattle which produce cuts of meat that are rich in taste. Satiate your hunger with flavorsome ground beef and franks from this collection.

USDA CHOICE or Higher Angus Ground Beef is perfect for grilling juicy hamburgers, filling hearty lasagna, or creating flavorful meat sauces. Available in quantities of six packages or more, these 1 lb. packages of ground beef will help you make appetizing meals your whole family will love. Versatile and tasty, this ground beef can be used for a host of different dishes.

Take your cookout to the next level with USDA CHOICE or Higher All Beef Angus Franks. Available in orders of six or more packages, these franks come in your choice of four or eight links per package. These all-natural, gluten-free franks have no MSG and are one of the more healthy options for frankfurters. Made from the same cuts of beef that 44 Farms uses to make steaks, USDA CHOICE or Higher All Beef Angus Franks provide great taste at an affordable price.

The 44 Farms Tailgate Pack comes with everything you need for unforgettable food at your game day party. This combo pack comes with six packages of USDA CHOICE or Higher All Beef Angus Franks with eight franks each, as well as six USDA CHOICE or Higher Ground Beef Chubs. Season your meat with signature 44 Farms Salt & Pepper Blend for a taste that is sure to please. Make tailgating a breeze with the 44 Farms Tailgate Pack.

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