Our Story

Know Your Rancher®

Though we raise thousands of cattle, we have a decidedly one-on-one approach to business. After all, we believe people do business with people, not big companies. Over the course of several generations, we’ve worked to ensure 44 Farms is a place our customers are as at-home as we are. We want you to know your rancher — who we are and what drives us.


More than a century after S.W. McClaren and wife Josie started ranching on the fertile soil near Cameron, Texas, 44 Farms proudly carries on their family values. Five generations later, those values, combined with the best that science and genetics have to offer, have helped 44 Farms grow into one of the premier registered Angus operations in America and producers of ethically raised, all-natural Black Angus beef.


For over one hundred years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to doing things the right way to provide you and your family with a delicious, wholesome and enjoyable eating experience, every time. As you gather to celebrate with family and friends, know that we are steadfast in preserving the timeless values that have made 44 Farms a cherished part of your holiday traditions and everyday gatherings.


Come on in and get to know us. You’ll find that we love the land and treasure our traditions and community, but always with an eye on the long view. It’s the kind of view that’s served us well for over a hundred years. And it drives us every day to work hard and provide you with the very best steaks available anywhere.