USDA Choice Bone-In Short Ribs

- USDA Choice or Higher 123A Plate Ribs - Average Weight: 8 lbs per bundle (4 lbs per slab) - Package of (2) plates, weighing 3-5 lbs each

Beloved by barbecue pitmasters and casual connoisseurs alike, our Bone-In Short Ribs offer two vacuum-sealed plates of three ribs per bundle, with a total of 6–10 lbs of the most coveted, fall-off-the-bone beef to be found. Often referred to as dinosaur ribs or dino bones, these are the best beef ribs to be had and are one of our most popular products!

Each package contains two plates each weighing 3-5 lbs. The combined weight of these two plates will be between 6 - 10lbs and will average 8 lbs per bundle.


The Rib

Located under the backbone, the seven rib section yields the ribeye loin and the bone-in short rib.

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