44 Farms Beef Jerky Combo Pack

(2) 3 oz packs 44 Farms Simply Smoked Beef Jerky (2) 3 oz packs 44 Farms Texas Kick Beef Jerky

The perfect snack for anytime or as an appetizer for gatherings, our Texas-made, all-natural beef jerky is made from USDA Choice or higher 44 Farms Black Angus beef. Featuring wholesome, lean nutrition with no added nitrates, MSG or gluten, our signature jerky comes from cattle that are never administered growth hormones or antibiotics. Available in two flavors: Simply Smoked and Texas Kick.

Simply Smoked Ingredients: Angus Beef, Sea Salt, Pepper

Texas Kick Ingredients: Angus Beef, Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Flavorings, Red Pepper

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