44 Farms The Carnivore's Collection

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- (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice Boneless Ribeye 16 oz - (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice or Higher Bone-in Ribeye 20 oz - (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice or Higher Angus Ground Beef 16 oz - (1) 44 Farms USDA Prime Chuck Roast 3 lbs - (1) 5.3 oz Salt & Pepper Blend
Introducing the ultimate carnivorous feast - 44 Farms The Carnivore's Collection! Sink your teeth into two mouthwatering Bone-in Ribeyes, perfectly marbled and full of flavor. Savor the richness of two succulent Choice Boneless Ribeyes, a cut above the rest. Get your grill game on with two packs of our premium Ground Beef, ready to elevate any meal. And let's not forget the star of your next Sunday dinner - a juicy Chuck Roast that falls apart with every forkful. Top it all off with our signature Salt & Pepper blend, handcrafted to bring out the best in every bite. This collection is the perfect gift for the meat lover in your life or a satisfying treat for yourself. Get ready to satisfy your carnivorous cravings like never before!

The Rib

Located under the backbone, the seven rib section yields the ribeye loin and the bone-in short rib.

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