Classic Cuts Matchup

$169.95 $193
- (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice Boneless Ribeye 16 oz - (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice New York Strip Steak 14 oz - (2) 44 Farms USDA Choice Filet Mignon 8 oz - (1) 5.3 oz Salt & Pepper Blend

Get ready for the ultimate steak showdown with our 44 Farms Classic Cuts Matchup! Featuring six mouthwatering cuts, including two juicy boneless ribeyes, two succulent filet mignons, and two bold NY strips, this bundle is a carnivore's dream come true.

Sear them to perfection and savor the rich, beefy flavors that only 44 Farms can deliver. And don't forget to sprinkle our signature Salt & Pepper blend on top for a pop of savory seasoning that will take your taste buds to the next level.

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