Ground Beef and Bavette Steak Bundle

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(6) 12 oz. USDA CHOICE OR HIGHER Bavette Steak (6) 16 oz. USDA CHOICE OR HIGHER Ground Beef

Be prepared for every meal, planned or unexpected, with the incredible flavors of 44 Farms. Our Bavette Steak and Ground Beef offer unmatched versatility, allowing you to create a variety of mouthwatering recipes that showcase the true essence of our brand.

Choose from our traditional Ground Beef Chub or explore our new Ground Beef Brick, both delivering the same exceptional quality and taste you expect from 44 Farms. Let your culinary creativity soar as you craft delicious dishes that will leave everyone impressed and craving more.

Want to make the ultimate Bavette fajitas? 


The Sirloin

Located behind the Short Loin, the Sirloin is divided into two distinct halves, Top Sirloin and Bottom Sirloin. The Top Sirloin Butt offers a rich, lean steak perfect for grilling, while the Bottom Sirloin Butt provides the Tri-Tip and Sirloin Flap steak.

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