44 Farms x Zavala's BBQ Prime Brisket Special

- (1) One USDA Prime Brisket - Includes ONE (1) FREE 9 oz Zavala's Beef Rub

44 Farms is thrilled to offer the same legendary brisket that has earned the praise of pitmasters across Texas. In an exciting collaboration, we've partnered with Zavala's Barbecue, ranked among Texas Monthly's top 50 BBQ joints, to enhance your brisket experience. Zavala's Beef Rub, renowned for creating the perfect bark, is a coarse blend of salt and pepper that embodies the essence of Texas-style barbecue.

For a limited time, we're including a FREE 9 oz jar of Zavala's Beef Rub with your brisket purchase. Supplies are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your barbecue game!

The Brisket

Located below the Chuck, this well marbled cut from the front of the cattle made Texas BBQ universally famous.

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