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Food & Wine

The Changing Faces and Plates of Texas BBQ

Food & Wine Magazine takes a look at the best meat in Texas that’s breaking down the traditional boundaries of barbecue in the state, including restaurants that feature 44 Farms.

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My Table

Fatherhood, Served with a Side of BuffBurger

"That was the beginning of BuffBurger, the couple’s gourmet fast-casual burger restaurant featuring 44 Farms black Angus beef that has since taken Houston by storm."

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Southlake Style

Chefs & Caterers

“The most popular menu item is the filet mignon, which is made with 44 Farms beef…. Whether guests visit the steakhouse to savor the juiciest, premium Black Angus beef or indulge in fine wine from the Texas-inspired wine cellar, they’re in for a truly special experience.” Page 35

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Paper City Mag

New Houston Restaurant Promises a Real No Frills Burger

“Each burger is crafted with fresh ground beef sourced from 44 Farms in Cameron, Texas. The five ounce patty is griddled on a flat top then placed on an Amish potato roll (Balls Out Burger’s proprietary recipe)…”

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Texas CEO Magazine

Highlighting Millennial Values To Solve Agriculture’s Recruiting Problem

44 Farms President and CEO, Bob McClaren, touches on the importance of millennial's contribution to agriculture and how they determine the future of the industry.

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2017 May Sale Book

Chef Feature: BuffBurger

“Our burger is made by the quality of the beef. The care that 44 Farms takes in raising the animals to produce meat with unparalleled texture and taste allows the beef to speak for itself. All other meats pale in comparison.” - Sara Burden, BuffBurger

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Temple Daily Telegram

Cameron’s 44 Farms Sees Boom in Beef Business

“In children’s books, farms have lush, rolling green hills dappled with crisp blue ponds and dotted with bright red barns. Cowboys ride horses from one open pasture to the next and livestock is not confined in small pens. That idealized scenery is present at 44 Farms. The pristine Cameron establishment could put any storybook farm to shame.”

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Culture Map Dallas

Gourmet Hot Dog Food Truck Fills Dallas’ Fatal Frankfurter Void

"[Sir Franks is] doing a 100 percent black Angus beef hot dog from 44 Farms and artisan sausages from a variety of local butcher shops."

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Escape Hatch Dallas

See It All Here: Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival Scores Another Home Run with 2017 Sell-out

Rodeo Goat won for its goat cheese-caramelized onion number, on a hamburger using 44 Farms angus beef.

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