We believe that a steak is only as extraordinary as the practices that bring it from pasture to plate.

RightWay™ is the 12-point animal welfare and stewardship protocol we require for a steak to bear the name 44 Farms. It is how we ensure we are doing our part to responsibly strengthen America’s food systems, nurture a healthier world, and bring you the finest, truly all-natural steaks available anywhere.

The RightWay features our “never, ever” commitment – 44 Farms All Natural Steaks are harvested from cattle that have never received hormones, antibiotics, or feed additives of any kind.

Cattle raised the RightWay:

  • Are born from 44 Farms Black Angus genetics – learn about our Angus Strong breeding program here.

  • Are fed according to strict, vegetarian guidelines

  • Have access to fresh water at all times

  • Are raised using animal husbandry best practices

  • Live low-stress lives in safe environments

  • Never receive facial branding

  • Are protected from extreme heat and cold

  • Receive immediate and appropriate medical care when necessary

Our common sense, RightWay standards help us steward the dignity of each animal responsibly, while honoring the ingenuity and independence of America’s great, western ranching tradition.