Buy Bone-In Short Ribs, get FREE Meat Church Holy Cow Seasoning!

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- USDA Choice or Higher 123A Plate Ribs - Package of (2) plates, weighing 3-5 lbs each - Average Weight: 8 lbs per bundle (4 lbs per slab) - Includes (1) ONE Free 12 oz Shaker of Meat Church Holy Cow Seasoning
Master the art of smoking beef ribs with Matt Pittman!

Beloved by barbecue pitmasters and casual connoisseurs alike, our Bone-In Short Ribs offer the most coveted, fall-off-the-bone beef to be found. To bring even more value to our customers, we've partnered with one of the most acclaimed BBQ Pitmasters in Texas, our good friend Matt Pittman, founder of Meat Church.

For a limited time only, buy our 44 Farms USDA Choice Bone-in Short Ribs and receive a FREE 12 oz Shaker of Meat Church Holy Cow Seasoning

Our supplies are limited, and this is a deal you won't want to miss out on! This offer will remain valid while supplies last.

The Rib

Located under the backbone, the seven rib section yields the ribeye loin and the bone-in short rib.

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