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The 44 Farms Steak and Beef Program began the way we try to make all decisions at 44 Farms — we prayed. We asked God how we could boldly celebrate cattle producers for their loyalty and confidence in our Angus Strong® genetics. God’s answer was consistent with His character — express your gratitude by investing in the lives of others. Little did we know that our teamwork with these hard-working men and women would result in 44 Farms Steaks and Beef finding its place at the tables of some of the finest restaurants across America.

Once customers enjoyed 44 Farms all-natural Angus steaks in restaurants it wasn’t long before many were requesting to purchase steaks directly to grill and cook at home. So, we launched www.44Steaks.com to help equip home grillers and chefs to prepare USDA Prime and Choice 44 Farms Angus steaks, ground beef and franks. Our online store furthers our mission of connecting with others that appreciate the love behind raising great Angus beef, the joy of preparing good food and understanding that a perfect place to build better lives and wonderful memories is at the table.

As we take stock in the blessings of our business, we realized that we were providing great beef for special occasions at restaurants and for the home chef, but we can do more. Whether we live in rural or urban America, our lives are fast paced and schedules are compressed. We also want to be a resource for families in the midst of their workaday lives.

So, we have created a new offering called 44 Farms HOME Meals. This program is also centered around the table, but provides meal options through chef-inspired entrees featuring our flavorful all-natural Angus beef, complimented by delicious farm fresh side dishes. These oven-ready meals are fully cooked and immediately frozen fresh to ensure an extraordinary dining experience at HOME. This allows us the joy of serving our customers as they slow down for a moment to enjoy a delicious nutritious meal, find peace in doing so, and cultivate those all too rare moments of connection with others at the table.

44 Farms HOME Meals were prepared with HOME in mind...to be — (H) hassle-free; (O) oven-ready; (M) made fresh; and (E) easy clean-up. We want to help make mealtime sizzle at HOME, even on a Wednesday evening with delicious entrees.

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