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Tamale making is an ancient tradition celebrated in many homes. It is a time when entire families come together and share their love and devotion to culture with their family. There are no measuring cups guiding them – only the wisdom and experience passed down from generation to generation. It is a labor of love. While we are not looking to replace such a tradition, we do want to provide tamales that your entire family would be proud to eat and that allows for everyone to gather around the table to share a meal, memories and stories. 44 Farms Beef Tamales are made with quality ingredients (from corn to chiles to the best beef possible) and made even more delicious by a dedication to the process. Our made from scratch tamales results in a soft, yet bold masa flavor and are generously filled with the same 44 Farms beef served in high quality restaurants and steakhouses around the world. The authentic, traditional Southern flavor will make grandma proud.

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