The easiest way to cook the best steak is to begin with a great piece of beef. Our Black Angus Steaks acquire their rich flavors and texture long before they reach the grill. It begins at 44 Farms where a disciplined breeding program, proper nutrition, clean water, and attentive care to the cattle result in extraordinary flavors and tenderness. Knowing where to buy high quality steaks is just as important as knowing how to prepare and cook them.


Ask any butcher, beef purveyor, chef, or steak connoisseur and they will tell you Angus Steaks taste the best. The reason Angus cattle have consistently better flavor than other breeds is simple - it’s in their genes. Angus cattle are naturally more well-marbled and therefore juicier, more flavorful and tender.

44 Farms is one of the premier Registered Black Angus breeders in the United States. We take special pride in breeding animals that are healthy and will produce the best steaks. If you would like to know more about our genetics, breeding practices, cattle or our Angus Strong Program, please visit our other website.

44 Farms Angus Steaks is a USDA certified program and is managed by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Services (AMS). 44 Farms Natural Black Angus Steaks is USDA Certification Schedule G-112 and can be found on the AMS website.


Marbling is a key component in evaluating beef quality. Generally, the greater the marbling, the higher USDA grade the beef will receive. All beef is evaluated by the USDA for wholesomeness. But grading the beef for quality is voluntarily and paid for by the producer or meat packer. USDA quality graders help predict the quality of the beef in terms of juiciness, tenderness, and flavor of the cooked beef. The highest quality grade - USDA Prime - has intense amounts of marbling that will produce an exceptionally juicy steak with a buttery flavor and smooth texture. Prime steaks can be difficult to find in retail stores as they account for just 2% of all steaks and are often purchased by high-end steak houses and fine meat purveyors.

USDA Choice steaks are the grade immediately below Prime but have less marbling than the Prime grade. Yet, USDA Choice grade beef will still produce a wonderful and flavorful eating experience. There are a total of 6 USDA grades, but 44 Farms produces a high percentage of the top two grades and chooses to only sell these top grades to our customers.

Marbling is one of the key ingredients as to why we enjoy beef. “Beef with more marbling tastes better to most people and also has health benefits. The marbled fat is actually oleic acid, a mono-unsaturated fat commonly found in olive oil.” According to Dr. Stephen Smith a biologist at Texas A&M University, “Studies have shown that oleic acid supplements can decrease LDL cholesterol.”


Our natural steaks come from Angus cattle that are raised on an all-vegetarian diet of grass, corn and grains, which consistently produce beef with more marbling and flavor. We raise a majority of the food we feed to our animals to ensure they are receiving the highest quality, natural feed.

44 Farms Angus Steaks produces natural
steaks that are minimally processed with
NO artificial ingredients,
NO hormones and
NO antibiotics.

We use state of the art facilities and work with the experts at Texas A&M to ensure the best care for each of our animals.


Once you have a great source for your beef, you need to know how to cook it. Each primal cut from the animal produces specific cuts of beef that often have similar characteristics and cooking methods that will work best.

Generally, the more muscular cuts of beef need to be cooked lower and slower, while the parts in the middle of the back (Rib, Short Loin and Sirloin) will produce delicious and tender steaks. 44 Farms is presently only offering steaks from the highly-prized middle section.

Roll over any section of the diagram to get specific information about a particular cut of beef.